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დამატებულია: 05.03.13


Koton was founded in 1988 and has rapidly become one of the leading “fast fashion” brands in Turkey and in the world.
Koton has 40 stores in the most important cities of the world, including Athens, Dubai, Berlin, and Bucharest as well as 110 stores in Turkey. 
Along with corner and shop-in-shop concepts, with a sale of more than 15 million pieces annually, Koton operates at nearly 300 sales points in 20 countries in order to meet customer expectations for variety, quality and affordable prices.
These stores attract attention with high quality merchandise and a wide product range by presenting thirty new models every day and ten thousand new models every year. 
Koton has over one hundred people in design team motivated by the needs for total customer satisfaction. By creating 50 collections per year, Koton offers trendy and fashinoble products suitable for all day including business hours, espacially for the young metropolitan professionals with affordable prices.
Koton always differentiates itself from its competitors with its innovative storekeeping methods in all markets without concession from its customer-focused approach.
The core principle that made Koton a leading brand within the past 15 years is renovating itself everyday and offering its customers different and “can’t-miss” products every time they step into a Koton store.
Koton will continue to be an indispensable worldwide brand with the contribution of her dynamism, young and unique lines reflecting from each collection.


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